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Just Listed For Sale - Beautiful Homesite in Indian Springs Ranch

by Teri McCarthy

4.24 Acre Lot For Sale in Indian Springs Ranch

Imagine your home nestled within a mature aspen and pine forest, surrounded with wild flowers, on a gently sloped hillside with stunning views of the Grand, the Teton Range, and Glory Bowl. Set within Indian Springs Ranch, this exceptional 4.24 acre elevated building site, bordering over 600 acres of protected open space, is one of the finest undeveloped lots in the subdivision. Hike or cross country ski out your backdoor, or saddle up your horse at the ranch's equestrian center.

A preliminary floor/site plan from Jonathan Foote architect is available to the buyer.

Lot 25 Indian Springs RanchIndian Springs Ranch, a gated residential community, is located in the heart of Jackson Hole, ideally situated between the town of Jackson and the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.,with close proximity to golf, skiing, the Snake River and Grand Teton National Park.

More than 600 acres of the 1200 acre ranch is protected open space, and wildlife habitat for moose, deer, elk, swans, eagles and osprey. 

 Owners and guests enjoy private access to fishing, tennis, swimming, and the Molesworth Cabin named for the noted Wyoming pioneer furniture designer, Thomas Molesworth.  In addition, owners have exclusive use of the equestrian center, and a trail system that runs throughout the ranch’s 600+ molesworth-cabinacres of dedicated open space, for hiking, horseback riding, fishing, and cross country skiing.


Home values in Indian Springs Ranch range in price from $6m - $12m.  Vacant lots range in price from $2m to $5m. 

Contact Teri for more information or to see this wonderful property.

Attention Veterans. Why Rent When You Can Buy With $0 Down?

by Teri McCarthy

Veterans benefit from 100% financing with VA Home Loans

Home buying is made easy for veterans with zero-down, 100% financing with government-backed VA Home Loans.  I just helped a veteran and his family purchase this beautiful home, in Star Valley, Wyoming, with no money down.

A VA Home Loan allows qualified veterans, service members, military families, and eligible surviving spouses to purchase a home with $0 down and no private mortgage insurance (PMI). With a $0 down VA Loan, the home can be valued up to $417,000, in most parts of the country. Areas with higher property values may have higher ceilings. VA Loan limits for all counties in Wyoming are $417,000 with the exception of Teton County, with a ceiling of $630,000. 

While most conventional mortgages require private mortgage insurance (PMI) if the borrower puts down less than 20%, VA Home Loans, with no money down, have no PMI requirement since the loans are backed by the federal government. This amounts to a significant savings, possibly up to a couple hundred dollars a month.

VA Home Loans are provided by local lenders such as banks and mortgage brokers.  VA guarantees a portion of the loan, enabling the lender to provide you with more favorable terms.
VA Home Loans can be used only for the purchase of your primary residence. VA Home Loans are not eligible for the purchase of vacation or investment homes. 

According to data from the U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs, 1 in 3 veterans are not even aware of this significant home buying benefit. 

If you’re considering buying a home in Lincoln County, Sublette County, or Teton County, Wyoming,   I can help you every step of the way, starting by helping you to put yourself in the position to take advantage the the most beneficial financing options for your individual needs. 

As always, I am happy to answer your questions and I look forward to hearing from you!


Local App Turns Your Smartphone Into a Tour Guide

by Teri McCarthy

TravelStorysGPS is a must-have mobile app for discovering Jackson Hole and the Parks.

If you have ever wondered what the stories are behind the Jackson Hole area's sites and points of interest? TravelStorysGPS turns your smartphone into a historical tour guide. GPS-triggered audio tours, photographs and video snippets automatically come on as you walk, drive, or float past a site of interest. Story Clark, founder and CEO of TravelStorys "It's not an app to say . . .what time businesses are open or where to find hotels. It's about telling the story of the landscape, the community, the culture, art, history . . . about enriching the travel experience."

Currently there are two Jackson Hole tours: a Highway 22 tour and a Teton Park Road tour. More tours are in the works: Jackson to Moran, Teton Village Road, and Yellowstone National Park. They are also working on an historical tour of downtown Jackson with help from the Jackson Hole Historic Society and Museum, as well as a cultural tour of art galleries, Jackson Hole Airport tour and a tour called Teton Adventures which will include interviews of athletes in the area.

For more information and to download this free app


What Boomers Are Looking For In a Vacation Home

by Teri McCarthy

For Boomers, Buying a Home Reveals Changing Priorities

If Jackson Hole’s baby boomers are echoing national demographics, they are either already enjoying retirement or are preparing for it. But for soon-to-be seniors, that word retirement has taken on some new connotations. Today’s seniors may be headed to a retirement with some major differences.

Taken as a whole, boomers remain a markedly active group — especially true in Jackson Hole where it is not uncommon to see folks in their 70’s and 80’s shushing down the slopes of the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort or Grand Targhee. Yet for those buying a home in Jackson that will make their senior years as comfortable as possible, their choices are bound to differ greatly from those they’ve made in years past. According to the National Association of Home Builders, the 76-million-strong boomer generation is already registering some new preferences:

•    Home offices
Semi-retired is the new retired. Instead of giving up on work completely, many retirement-age homeowners choose to start small home-based businesses to supplement their income (or follow up on their passions). The home office is also a fine command center for researching vacation ideas, running household affairs — or whipping up the next Great American Novel.

•    Large windows
Big windows and superior lighting not only showcase the Teton views and bring home a cheery look, but that light makes everything easier to see and navigate around. Accidental fall prevention may not be the top priority for a member of the 55-plus group who’s buying a home in Jackson, but if the health statistics are correct, it ought to be a consideration.

•    No stairways
Chances are increasingly good that a typical boomer will live a long time, but that also means arthritis and age will come into the picture, as well. Plan for the future by buying a single-level home with no stairways and save those knees for walking the dog and hiking in Grand Teton and Yellowstone Parks!   See all Jackson Hole single level homes for sale at this time.

•    Smart technology
Future retirees have an increasingly sophisticated relationship with technology, so in addition to high-speed Internet access, remote-controlled lighting and alarm systems are becoming more commonplace. 

•    Multi-generational living
Jackson Hole home buyers are showing more demand for guest houses and mother-in-law apartments for aging parents, grown children living at home, and visiting guests.  View currently listed Jackson Hole homes with a guest house or apartment.

Whether or not you are approaching retirement, when you set about buying a home in Jackson Hole, it’s my job to help you find one that will fit your needs for the long term. Contact me today!

What Are Home Prices Doing In Jackson Hole?

by Teri McCarthy

The future of real estate prices in Jackson Hole is always a matter of keen interest to area homeowners and investors. So it’s important when the latest national numbers in the Case-Shiller Index show that the rate of rise in real estate prices has begun to slow.

Several people have asked me, lately, "What are real estate prices doing?". 

A year over year comparison of home sales for a few Jackson Hole neighborhoods, Jan 1 through Sept 30 2013 vs the same time in 2012 shows 10.8% to 11.5% appreciation in 2013.


Melody Ranch 4-bedroom Home Sales Comparison
  2012 2013
# of homes sold 6 3
median sales price 773,000 839,500
average sq ft 3207 3064
avg sales price per sq ft 261.55 297.52
avg days on market 411 108
percent of list to sales price 92% 97%


Rafter J 3-bedroom Home Sales Comparison
  2012 2013

# of homes sold

10 15
median sales price 489,000 530,000
average sq ft 1547 1655
avg sales price per sq ft 290.68 311.64
avg days on market 222 150
percent of list to sales price 97% 98%


The Aspens 2-bedroom Condo Sales Comparison
  2012 2013
# of condos sold 6 7
median sales price 372,500 428,000
average sq ft 1038 1254
avg sale price per sq ft 336.69 377.99
avg days on market 292 217
percent of list to sale price 96% 97%


*All data is from the Teton MLS.  Sales  prices and data are reliable but not guaranteed.

Why You Might Want To Bring Your Business To Wyoming

by Teri McCarthy

Tax Benefits of Doing Business in Wyoming

One more reason to add to your list of why Wyoming is an amazing state to live and do business in: the tax benefits. Wyoming has some of the lowest tax rates of any state in the country. With no income tax for corporations or individuals and low sales, property and employment tax rates, Wyoming comes in first place for a tax climate that favors both businesses and individuals. But it doesn’t stop with low tax rates; Wyoming has other enticing offers for businesses that have prompted many business owners and entrepreneurs to consider relocating.

Tax Benefits of Doing Business in Wyoming

Business Relocation Assistance
The Wyoming Business Council is dedicated to helping businesses thrive and provides a range of services and assistance to businesses that relocate to Wyoming. Some of the services include:

•    The Community Development Block Program: Local Wyoming governments provide loans for job creation and new projects that benefit low and moderate income families through this federal grant. 
•    Human Resources Consulting: Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for years, the business council can help to reduce turnover and thereby increase productivity and profit, allowing your company to grow, by providing the resources and connections to improve your HR Department. 
•    Trade Show Incentive Grant Program: Your business can receive assistance in financing the cost of attending trade shows, forums which benefit your business and promote Wyoming’s business climate.
•    Wyoming First Program: The business council provides support with promoting businesses that sell products made in Wyoming.
•    Workforce Training Grants and Programs: Grants are available for up to $4,000 per trainee for you to train newly hired or current employees. Programs are also available through the Wyoming Business Council in partnership with other organizations to deliver training for your workforce and supervisors or leaders. 

New Business Assistance

Wyoming is also a great place to start a new business and a wealth of resources are available across the state to help entrepreneurs get started on the right foot. The University of Wyoming’s program Wyoming Entrepreneur, with offices throughout the state, provides assistance to entrepreneurs through three programs: the Small Business Development Center, the Procurement Technical Assistance Center and the Market Research Center. Wyoming Entrepreneur offers a variety of consultation services including: 
•    Business planning consultation and free business plan review
•    Tax and accounting consultation
•    Commercial loan assistance
•    Buying and selling a small business valuation services
•    Information and guidance for finding funding sources
•    Marketing consultation

See what commercial opportunities are currently for sale or for lease in Teton County, Wyoming.

Let me know if you have relocation and/or business questions, or if you would like to know what's available in other Wyoming counties.

How Old Bill's Fun Run Helps Jackson Hole Causes

by Teri McCarthy

Old Bill's Fun Run For Charities

In Jackson Hole, the season of giving begins long before winter. Old Bill’s Fun Run for Charities is a Jackson Hole tradition, celebrating philanthropy and community through a spirited and innovative challenge to raise money for more than 200 local nonprofit organizations. Old Bill’s Fun Run for Charities is held the second Saturday of each September on Jackson Town Square. This year’s events will take place on September 7th. 

Jackson Hole WY Old Bill's Fun RunThe first Fun Run and donation-raising campaign took place in 1997 when an anonymous couple known only as Mr. and Mrs. Old Bill put forth a philanthropic challenge to the community of Jackson Hole to raise money for nonprofit organizations with the promise of matching the community’s donations. 

The first year, they matched the community’s efforts donating almost $800,000 for a total of just over $1.8 million. Since then, Old Bill’s Fun Run has become a Jackson Hole tradition and the annual donations raised have increased year after year, with a total of $8.3 million raised in 2012.  This year, we’re going for $9 million, an amount that would bring the total raised since the event’s creation to more than $100 million.  

How does the Fun Run benefit nonprofits?

This truly unique and impactful fundraising challenge begins with a donation of $500,000 each year by Mr. and Mrs. Old Bill. This donation is then matched by the Jackson Hole Community Foundation using funds from donors called Co-Challengers. 

Nonprofits that meet the necessary qualifications are then able to raise individual donations, of which the Community Foundation will match the first $25,000. Additional funds are given to nonprofits through a semi-annual competitive grant.

kids paint on old bill's horse

The Fun Run and Walk is the culmination of the months of effort from nonprofits, donors and community members to raise money and raise spirits in Jackson Hole. On the day of the event, the community comes together to celebrate with friendly competition, entertainment, food, and festivity. 

Runners and walkers can participate in a 5K or 10K race. The event features a recreational division for runners and walkers that just want to have fun and a competitive division where participants are timed. 

Registration is free for both recreational and competitive walkers and runners if registered prior to race day. Registration on the day of the race is $20 and is available for recreational participants only.   

Making a donation

You can donate to a nonprofit online through the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole and make a donation directly to the organization(s) of your choice.  All Jackson Hole non-profits are listed on the website. After you donate, you’ll receive a tax receipt from the Community Foundation and 100% of your donation will be given to the organization(s) you choose. 2013 Old Bill's donations are accepted through September 13, until 5 pm. 

Your family or business can also donate by becoming a Co-Challenger, contributing to the pool that will match, along with Mr. and Mrs. Old Bill, the total raised by the community. Co-Challengers can donate at the $25,000, $35,000, $50,000, $75,000 or $100,000 level. 

The season of giving in Jackson Hole has already begun. Join in the spirit by making a donation, and we’ll see you at Old Bill’s Fun Run on September 7th. 

Bear Watching - Grizzly Bear 610

by Teri McCarthy

Bear Watching - Grizzly Bear 610

Grizzly Bear 610, one of Grand Teton National Park’s most famous grizzly bears, recently separated from her three male cubs.  This separation is natural for grizzly bears, which are weaned around June of their third year.  Young boars set out to stake out their own territory, while young sows may stay near their mother for another year and share her home territory.  

Grizzly 610 has been preparing them for life on their own by taking the cubs on big looping tours of the parks, and two days before they separated she took them on one last trip hunting for food.  Grizzly 610’s mother, 399, did the same with her when she was a cub.  610 and her cubs have been spotted roaming apart from each other, but in the same area, since the split.

Wonderful video of Grizzly Bear 610 Spring 2013

In July of 2011, Grizzly photographers saw that the 2 grizzly bears, 610 and her mother 399, exchanged cubs, which had been tagged with different color ear tags and made the swap easily noticeable.  The swap is a rare occurrence but most likely takes place when a disturbing incident, such as an encounter with another bear, scatters the cubs and another mother steps in to take care of them.  It is believed that 399 had an altercation with a male grizzly and her daughter, 610, was able to better care for the cub because of her younger age.  

The bears are very comfortable in the area near the park roads, which allows tourists to see them and has made them so popular.  Tourists and locals will continue to enjoy watching and keeping up with these beautiful bears.    


Why You Might Want To Have Bear Spray In Your Kayak

by Teri McCarthy

Bear Encounter While Kayaking

I was writing about Bear 610 and her cubs when clients told me about their bear encounter while kayaking in Grand Teton Park this week. Here's their story.

kayaking in grand teton park

On vacation in Jackson Hole this week. Spent an afternoon kayaking on  the Snake River oxbows - calm water with wildlife sightings (moose,  eagles, otters, pelicans and other waterfowl) frequent. 

grizzly bear in grand teton national park 

This time, we  had a surprise. We were drifting through a slough 10 to 15 feet from  the shorelines when Karen said she saw a black bear. I readied the camera and as I drifted past, the bear raised his head ... not a black  bear but one of the grizzly adolescents that are in the area.

hi there grizzly bear

I  captured a few images as the bear came to the water's edge to check us  out. When the bear splashed the water, I splashed the water too - with  a few power strokes of the paddle to get clear.

John & Karen

Best Sources For Local News in Jackson Hole

by Teri McCarthy

Local News Sources in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

A visitor asked me recently "Where can I see the local news?  I've been unable to find a local TV news channel". 

Unfortunately there is no TV news channel in Jackson Hole. The closest TV news channels to Jackson, Wyoming are Local News 8 (ABC) in Pocatello, ID and KCWY 13 (NBC) in Casper, WY. 

If you have a computer, tablet or smartphone, the best sources for Jackson Hole local news and happenings can be found online. Here are the 4 major sources of news and information in Jackson Hole, including Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park. Click on the images below to see more: 

Planet Jackson

Jackson Hole Radio




                                             .             . . .

Jackson Hole News                                                                                       


Jackson Hole Buzz

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