"What you see is not always what you get".  If you've searched on-line for properties in an area other than where you live or you're familiar with, you've most likely discovered a home that looks fantastic on-line, but little did you know the property sits next to a high-voltage power line or worse yet an electrical substation.

I recently heard an interesting analogy from an out-of-town client.  After flying out to Jackson to look at properties that she had previously seen on-line, she told me “Shopping on-line for homes is much like on-line dating – you don’t always get the whole picture upfront”.

Here are some tips for buyers searching on-line for Jackson Wyoming real estate.

1. A home that says it has a “Teton view”, does not necessarily mean it has a “Grand Teton View”.  Unless it says “Grand Teton View” the home may just have a view of the Teton Mountain Range. For a list of Jackson Hole homes with a view of the Grand Tetons click here.
2. A property may say that horses are “allowed” because the area allows horses, however the property may be too steep or too wooded to keep horses. Ideally, you want to keep horses on flat or rolling open pasture.
3. The MLS photos may make the property look attractive but you don’t know what’s next door until you actually visit the property personally. Impossible if you're searching from out of the area. Ask your buyer's agent to take digital photos of neighboring properties for you. 
4. Looking for a vacation home that you can rent out when you’re not in Jackson? Only a very few areas in Jackson Hole allow short-term rentals.  Short term rental areas are the county designated resort areas of Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis, Snow King, Teton Village, The Aspens, and Teton Pines.  There are some rental  limitations within these resort areas. I'm happy to discuss this further with you.
5. Jackson Hole IDX searches include most, but not all, properties listed for sale in Teton County. The listings of one real estate firm are not included.  If you would like to search all Jackson Hole listings use the Teton Public MLS site, For more advanced searching of Jackson Hole Properties access the Teton IDX/MLS site. 
I’m always happy to answer your questions. As an Accredited Buyer Representative I can assist you with all properties listed for sale in Teton County and Western Wyoming.