Teton Science Schools Jackson Hole Summer Science Adventures

Adventures at Teton Science Schools offer amazing summer programs for students of all ages, from entering kindergarten through 12th grade, offering students opportunities in leadership, exploration, science and more. 

Teton Science School Xseries gives high school students the opportunity to earn high school credit by exploring national parks and pristine wilderness, while cultivating relationships, improving communication, and building confidence and leadership.

Two legacy field education programs are being offered this summer to high school students. 

  • Xpressions in Nature and Art  - Grades 9-11, July 7 -26
  • Jackson Hole Science Xpedition – Grades 11-12 and graduated seniors. June 30 – July 26

Kids build life-long friendships while learning from highly motivated and educated teachers and living in a restored, historic dude ranch in Grand Teton National Park.

Many of my part-time clients plan their summer vacation around these programs for their kids. As you can imagine, Teton Science Schools Jackson Hole Summer Science Adventures are extremely popular, and the classes fill up quickly. Here is the complete list of summer programs at Teton Science Schools.

Looking forward to seeing you this summer!