Feng Shui Helps Sell Jackson Hole Homes

Everybody has at least heard of it: Feng Shui -- the ancient Chinese art of living in harmony with your surroundings. Applying feng shui to make your Jackson home a hit may seem like a stretch, but not after we’ve been introduced to how much common sense it makes. Homeowners who are open to taking advantage of every angle to sell their home can readily apply some feng shui principles to good effect. And they don’t have to become students of mysticism in the process!
Here are three feng shui principles that can improve your home before an open house or buyer showing:
1. Allow the free flow of energy
Feng shui imagines that the vital energy called "Chi" should flow freely through your home. You don’t have to believe in an invisible power to make use of this principle – just think of Chi as water. Stand at your front door and picture how water would flow from the entrance and room to room, then pick out the places where it would stagnate. When listing your Jackson home for sale, clear out any furniture that might impede movement and the flow of the water (the Chi). As an agent, I can help you spot which pieces of furniture are so heavy or bulky that they block the natural “flow” of the house, improving every visitor’s walk-through in the process.
2. Pay attention to lighting
Lighting is an important part of feng shui: softening being the key theme. You should favor soft lights, which are understood to promote positive energies (think ‘cheerful moods’). When lighting a particular room, favor multiple light sources instead of single bright lights. For a daytime open house, allow sunlight to enter by making sure you unblock the windows and open blinds and curtains.
3. Remove clutter
Clutter represents darker, stagnant energy that will sap the positive energies of your home. This is one place where my experience and feng shui couldn’t be more in harmony: clutter can really impede the sale of an otherwise fine home. Remove clutter from view, storing it away during your open house and buyer showings. Keep your decor to a minimum: the space will seem to open up (not to mention how it will free up the flow of Chi!).
You don’t have to become a feng shui master to take advantage of some of its simple design principles that can lead to a more successful sale of your Jackson Hole home.  If you’re looking to sell a home and seek an agent with proven creative marketing techniques, contact me anytime. I will be honored to provide you with a complimentary consultation.