For Boomers, Buying a Home Reveals Changing Priorities

If Jackson Hole’s baby boomers are echoing national demographics, they are either already enjoying retirement or are preparing for it. But for soon-to-be seniors, that word retirement has taken on some new connotations. Today’s seniors may be headed to a retirement with some major differences.

Taken as a whole, boomers remain a markedly active group — especially true in Jackson Hole where it is not uncommon to see folks in their 70’s and 80’s shushing down the slopes of the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort or Grand Targhee. Yet for those buying a home in Jackson that will make their senior years as comfortable as possible, their choices are bound to differ greatly from those they’ve made in years past. According to the National Association of Home Builders, the 76-million-strong boomer generation is already registering some new preferences:

•    Home offices
Semi-retired is the new retired. Instead of giving up on work completely, many retirement-age homeowners choose to start small home-based businesses to supplement their income (or follow up on their passions). The home office is also a fine command center for researching vacation ideas, running household affairs — or whipping up the next Great American Novel.

•    Large windows
Big windows and superior lighting not only showcase the Teton views and bring home a cheery look, but that light makes everything easier to see and navigate around. Accidental fall prevention may not be the top priority for a member of the 55-plus group who’s buying a home in Jackson, but if the health statistics are correct, it ought to be a consideration.

•    No stairways
Chances are increasingly good that a typical boomer will live a long time, but that also means arthritis and age will come into the picture, as well. Plan for the future by buying a single-level home with no stairways and save those knees for walking the dog and hiking in Grand Teton and Yellowstone Parks!   See all Jackson Hole single level homes for sale at this time.

•    Smart technology
Future retirees have an increasingly sophisticated relationship with technology, so in addition to high-speed Internet access, remote-controlled lighting and alarm systems are becoming more commonplace. 

•    Multi-generational living
Jackson Hole home buyers are showing more demand for guest houses and mother-in-law apartments for aging parents, grown children living at home, and visiting guests.  View currently listed Jackson Hole homes with a guest house or apartment.

Whether or not you are approaching retirement, when you set about buying a home in Jackson Hole, it’s my job to help you find one that will fit your needs for the long term. Contact me today!