Thinking of visiting Jackson Hole this summer?  Well, it just got easier and quicker. Several non-stop flights have been added, for the summer months, from airports around the country.

Non-Stop Jet Service to JAC Summer 2012
City Airline Frequency Start Date Stop Date
Atlanta Delta Sun 6/24/2012 9/2/2012
Chicago United Daily 6/7/2012 10/2/2012
Chicago American Sat 6/16/2012 8/18/2012
Dallas/Ft Worth American Daily 6/15/2012 9/29/2012
Denver United Daily year-round  
Houston United Sat ,Sun 6/9/2012 8/26/2012
Los Angeles United Sat, Sun 6/7/2012 8/27/2012
Minneapolis Delta Thurs-Mon 7/2/2012 8/26/2012
Salt Lake City Delta Daily year-round  
San Francisco United Daily 7/2/2012 8/27/12

Flight times may change throughout the season so check with your carrier.

Did you know that the Jackson Hole Airport lies within Grand Teton National Park, and it is the only commercial airport within a national park in the Lower 48? 

Jackson Hole Airport